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RealOcean™ Synthetic Sea Salt

• Advance Formula
• Enhanced with Additional Calcium,
  Magnesium and Strontium
• Phosphate Free and Nitrate Free
• For Thriving Reef/Marine Environment
• Contains all Essential Vital Trace Element

Purely Wonderful
Do high nitrate levels plague your aquarium, making water look cloudy and fish feel sluggish?
Include RealOcean™ synthetic Sea Salt with every water change for a wonderfully clean and healthy environment that helps fish thrive in marine aquariums. Our synthetic Sea Salt offers an important benefit over natural sea salt by allowing greater control over water quality while helping to combat unwanted bacteria, nitrate, and phosphate buildup. Use RealOcean™ when you regularly change aquarium water to help promote proper pH, calcium and magnesium levels while lowering the risk of disease to fish. Additional supplemental additives are recommended based on animal load.
RealOcean™ is simple among of the finest of salts in the market today. It was created for use in reef aquariums or open water saltwater aquariums, and meets or surpasses the stringent trace element requirements fro keeping delicate corals and fish. All ingredients used are free of phosphates, nitrate, and ammonia. RealOcean™ dissolves completely in 30min. and creates a vibrant and crystal clear aquatic environment second to none.
RealOcean™ Sea salt, when dissolved in water per Instructions,
will yield the following important parameters:
Elements Synthetic Sea Salt Pro Series Sea Salt
pH 8.1 - 8.3 8.1 - 8.3
KH 7.0 - 8.0 8.0 - 9.0
Dissolved Calcium 430 - 460ppm 430 - 460ppm
Dissolved Magnesium 1100 - 1150pm 1350 - 1450ppm
Item No.
RealOcean™ Synthetic Sea Salt 25 Gal. Mix/Bag
RealOcean™ Synthetic Sea Salt 50 Gal. Mix/Bag
RealOcean™ Synthetic Sea Salt 150 Gal. Mix/Bucket
RealOcean™ Synthetic Sea Salt 200 Gal./Box